Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lots to Share!

I've hit the 7th mark month again for not posting (see title of previous post). Things have been crazy as usual and are just getting crazier. Exciting events over the past 7 months.

1. I got accepted into the U's Masters of Accounting program!

2. Braden went through recruiting and got two second round interviews with Deloitte and PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Dallas.

3. We went to Dallas for Braden's interviews and got to see my Uncle Mike, Aunt Kathy and cousins Lori and Jenny! Lori graciously allowed us to stay at her house for part of our trip and we loved playing with her 3 year old Haley.

4. Braden got offers from both Deloitte and PwC in Dallas for an 8-10 week internship starting January 2013!

5. Braden accepted the offer with Deloitte for their internship. It will likely turn into a full time position for him after he graduates with his Masters degree.

6. I started school. Summer semester, pretty easy. Fall semester, terrifying.

 7. Braden is on his 7th straight semester of school. Poor guy. He's feeling quite burnt out. He will get a chool break next semester though for his internship.

8. My mom, my dad, Scott and Kayla came up to Utah to go white water rafting with us on the Snake River in Wyoming. Braden's mom and dad, two nieces, and brother-in-law came down from Idaho for the trip. It was so much fun. We went rafting two days, went to J Bar Wranglers (show was good, food not so much unless you ordered steak. My family then came down to Utah to visit for a bit where we went to Texas Roadhouse, Tucano's, and Snowbird. It was a great trip. :)

9. Braden and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary as well as both of our 24th birthdays (all within less than a month of each other)!

10. Braden and I got released as primary teachers after a year and a half. I cried the day we got released from our callings. Braden is now the ward music chairman and I'm a relief society teacher.

11. Braden was voted in as one of two Vice President's over Activities for BAP (an accounting club nation wide) for the University of Utah chapter. He gets to work with the recruiters which certainly helped him secure his internship and looks awesome on his resume.

As you can see we have been very busy! The Lord has truly blessed us in all our endeavors. I am so lucky to have Braden in my life. He is an incredible husband and I love him so much!

Friday, January 27, 2012

The past 7 months...

I haven't written on this blog in 7 months. I'm such a slacker. So much has changed! Where to start.

In July, Braden and I took an impromptu trip to California for the 4th of July. It was beautiful and relaxing and we got a really good deal on plane tickets!

In August, Braden and I went down to Moab for a white water rafting trip on the Colorado River. I think it's going to become an annual tradition to go white water rafting somewhere. We had so much fun! Not as many rapids as we would have liked, but still very enjoyable.

At the beginning of September, craziness happened. I got a new job. I was so sad to leave Precision, but I knew this was the best step for me. I am now an Accountant at the University of Utah. I love my work and they people I work with. It's provided us so many opportunities that we would not have had otherwise and we are so grateful for it.

In October, Braden got a new job. He left his work at the MTC and now also works part time as an Accounting Clerk at the University of Utah. We have definitely centralized our activities more and are very grateful he isn't driving from Murray to Provo twice a week anymore in the wee hours of the morning. Bittersweet change but definitely the best thing for us.

October was also a month of two weddings: one in Nashville, Tennessee for my cousin, Pete and his new wife, Isaaca and the other one for my dear brother Scott and his new wife Kayla in California. Both were wonderful and beautiful. It was so good to be able to see so much family.

November, our niece, Tayler, got married! So we drove up to Idaho for her gorgeous and fun wedding. We had to leave earlier on Sunday than planned to get back in time for the Primary program! Our kids did so great and I'm so proud that we got to be a part of them. Primary is one of the best callings ever! Of course, In November was also Thanksgiving which we spent with friends before heading to Park City the day after to hang out with Turner clan. We had a great time in the condos and can't wait for next year!

December is always crazy due to the holidays. Lots of parties, lots of food, basically non-stop fun. We went to Idaho for Christmas. I love Christmas on Sundays. It helps me to remember the spirit of Christmas even more. For New Year's, we went to California and do Christmas #2 with my family. You know what else I was doing during December? Studying like crazy for the GMAT! It definitely made the holidays a little more stressful but it turned out alright.

On January 5th, I took the GMAT and I think I did well enough to get into my masters program. I'm finishing up the application in the next few days and then will wait about a month to find out if I got in. I'm very excited! Braden is also getting back tonight from a trip to Dallas with the Accounting program at the U. He was one of ten students selected to go and has had a great time. I'm so proud of him.

We have truly been blessed with so many great opportunities and so many family events. I could not be happier with where life has taken us. May this year bring many more awesome memories!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summertime, Summertime, Sum-Sum-Summertime

Holy hotness! It's gotten so warm so fast! And to think that it snowed in May.

We went camping this past weekend. Woke up at like 5:30 AM to people leaving the campsite and one lady starting her car so she could sleep in it instead of a tent. At 6:15 we decided to just pack up and head out. I definitely recommend camping in American Fork Canyon. You don't need to reserve anything to use their dispersed camping. And it is B-E-A-utiful! Camping was super fun! We had fajitas and made smores with Keebler fudge striped cookies. So much easier than graham crackers and chocolate and super tasty!

We recently got rid of our bachelor pad table and chairs and got a normal dining room table that is black with green cushions and fits my sunflower themed kitchen to a tee! I'm in love with it and now we can actually open the doors to our washer and dryer without hitting anything. What a blessing! I did like those big puffy red chairs but can't say I've missed them too much. There's a time and a place for fun things like that and we certainly don't have the placed.

I also just want to say that I have the most awesome husband ever. He's just amazing. And he's also my parents' favorite son-in-law so that must mean he's spectacular.

We celebrated our one year anniversary! How time flies! We celebrated by going to our favorite restaurant, Texas Roadhouse. We then spent that evening with the other primary leaders playing ridiculous rounds of the Game of Things. Hi-lar-i-ous. Seriously. I saw a side to the other leaders that obviously do not come out during primary. Ri-dic-u-lous. Such a great way to spend our anniversary. We have some of the most awesome friends ever. But even better, I've been married to the most amazing guy every for over a year now and I could not be happier.

Sadly we don't have that much going on as far as summer plans due to 3 weddings in the fall within 6 weeks of each other. However, we do have a trip to Moab planned to go white water rafting. Right now it looks like that will be the last weekend in July. I should probably go make those reservations.

I know this blog is mainly to document what's going in our lives, however I do want to take a moment to say how grateful I am for the gospel of Jesus Christ and for the Atonement. I've recently found a major flaw in myself that I'm desperately trying to change. I've hurt a lot of people because of it and the past week I've been trying to recognize when this issue comes up and make sure that I apologize and make things right. I know that through the Atonement I can be forgiven for all the things that I've done that have hurt other people. I know that the Atonement is not necessarily about perfection, but also about progression. That if I can improve just a little bit every day that I will overcome this imperfection and be a better person. Finding your own faults has to be one of the most difficult things to recognize and not rationalize. I have not felt this horrible about myself in the longest time. But with the guilty, depressing feeling there is also a light at the end of the tunnel. A glimmer of hope that I've taken my first steps to becoming more like Him. And after doing my best to follow His example and do my best to right those wrongs, there's a very wonderful peace that has come over me reassuring me that my Father in Heaven is proud of me. That he sees the effort I'm making to follow his commandments. I certainly have a long way to go, but "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tax Season...Almost Over

3 more days left of tax season...3 more days until freedom...3 more days until I can focus on cleaning my messy apartment...3 more days til, well, semi-normalcy?

My patience is running thin, but I think I might just make it.

I try to only post about the good news, but then I realize only posting the good news makes me look like I'm living the completely spoiled life.

Good things that have happened in the past month in a half

1. Braden got another student loan that doesn't accrue interest until 6 months after graduation,
2. Braden also receive a pell grant for summer semester that we were not at all expecting and will cover most of his tuition.
3. Tax season is over in 3 days.
4. We got to spend a wonderful General Conference in Idaho with all the family. Good times.
5. We're actually starting to be able to save money!
6. Tax season is over in 3 days.
7. My mom got a puppy! He has yet to be named...please feel free to spread your good ideas.
8. I've stuck to my healthy eating plan for a week (okay, its a diet, but not a crazy one!)
9. Tax season is over in 3 days.
10. We got a new employee at work to help keep me from going insane.
11. I'm almost done preparing are crazy part-resident state tax returns...yay for more refund money (if the state of California has any left to spare...)
12. We're going white water rafting in Moab this summer! We got a great deal online.

Not so good things that happened in the past month and a half
1. Someone in our little family got a speeding ticket and there was also no proof of insurance in the car. The car does have insurance. The said driver may or may not have been specifically listed on the policy though. It's gotten to be a bit tricky, but should turn out okay without resulting in any fines to pay.
2. Tax season isn't over for another 3 days.
3. Our apartment refuses to stay clean.
4. I got a really nasty migraine yesterday including spots in my eyes. I've never experienced such a strange and painful feeling before.
5. The weather keeps playing tricks on us. One day it's gorgeous and the next day its storming. Can it just be SPRING already!
6. Tax season isn't over yet.
7. Gas prices are through the roof and making me feel even poorer than we already are!

So the good things definitely outweigh the bad. Marriage definitely allows me to learn a lot about myself, both good and bad, as well as strives me to push myself. I sure wish I was more crafty and creative. Our apartment doesn't have that much style or personal touches to it. I don't want it to feel like an apartment, I want it to feel like a home! I've got so many projects that I want to start working on and other things I want to do once tax season is over: a healthy recipe blog (with pictures of course) of some of my favorite healthy, good-for-you, taste yummy recipes, finish decorating our lovely apartment, learn to sew (this one is very much a maybe), learn to enjoy running and exercising, get a system in place that keeps are apartment clean, clean out the 2nd bedroom once and for all!, start studying for the GMAT so I can at least be working towards my CPA, doing more outdoor stuff with Braden, its a bit over-whelming and not exactly a well thought-out, planned, structured list. Take more pictures for our blog should definitely be on there.

But today I realized that its one step at a time, kind of like the road to perfection. It doesn't happen at all once. I must say that I'm very happy where I am right now in my progression. I've got lots to work on and lots to accomplish, but I can do it. Heavenly Father showed me that today.

It's bedtime, but I'm not tired so I'm going to see what I can do to be productive. Sorry for the randomness. I'm kind of all over the place these days :) In a good way!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Let's Face It...

I desperately need to update this...It's only been two and a half months. I'll start with Christmas...

We had an amazing Christmas with my family this year. So much fun and laughter. Braden and I spent a lot of time with Dane and Louise which was super fun. It was a very different Christmas for our family. It was the first year that all the kids had significant others to enjoy Christmas with as well as the significant other who would be around for Christmas in years to come. It was really neat to see us bond differently then we have in the past.

For Christmas this year Braden and I got a Kinect for the XBox which we love!!! (as do Dane and Louise =P ). I must say I have the greatest mother ever. She tried to fool me by saying she was buying us snow tires for my car...tricky tricky! My Aunt and Uncle in Illinois also had a brilliant idea. Instead of attempting to buy us something in hopes we would like it, my Aunt and Uncle sent us purple sweaters (since its my mom's favorite color). We were to take a picture as a family with the purple sweaters, and then we could either keep the sweater, or return it. It definitely caused a chuckle.

The nice part about mine and Braden's job is that busy season is at the same time. He's full swing into ski season and I'm full swing into tax season (I'm actually hoping I will finish writing this post before I have to go to work on this lovely Saturday). For me the overtime is a nice added bonus to our bank account and Braden gets his fill of skiing. Last week he did take me skiing and I must say it was my favorite time so far. I can see why he enjoys it.

Next week I'm off to California for a week for one of my dear bridesmaid's wedding. I'm very excited since I could desperately use a break from tax season and I miss the warm weather that California offers. Only bad part...Braden isn't coming with me. He has to work. =( It will be our first time apart since we got married.

Another fun part of this year is that my niece has had basketball tournaments done here regularly so we've gotten to see Shalise, Kent, Bryn, Kinzlee, and the occasional appearance from Tayler and Brooke. Since we haven't been able to make it up to Idaho since Braden has to work every weekend, its been nice that they've come to us (even though its not specifically to visit us). It's been super fun watching Bryn's basketball games as well.

So Costco started offering one of the most delicious things imaginable. Belgian Waffles. And they are not quite like the ones you can get in Belgium, they are definitely an acceptable substitute. We are on our third box. Yummmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyy!

So after getting married, I have gained even more of an appreciation for my parents. They still do so much for us! The latest is helping us with Braden's student loan. No, they didn't pay for any of it, but they did offer to co-sign a new loan for Braden with a much lower interest rate. We plan on paying off his previous student loan with the new student loan. It will most definitely save us a couple thousand dollars. They really do too much for us.

No other excitement lately. Just trying to survive our busy seasons...Afterwards I think a nice weekend vacation to Las Vegas is in order. Braden still hasn't met my Grandma...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our First Holiday Season

It's been over a month. I'm an awful blogger. Now where to start.

Beginning of November:
We had an awesome visit with my parents. They loved Tucano's and we enjoyed getting to spend non-stressful time with them. They even brought up a matching coffee and end table to add to our home decor (thank you Sally Edmunds for the donation).

Middle-end of November: We managed to make it Idaho for Thanksgiving and then spent the rest of the weekend in Park City with Braden's family. We played games, at good food, and watched plenty of Glee (Did we mention we bought the first season of Glee for $20 on Black Friday? Ya, it's normally 47.) I think it takes Braden back to his show choir glory days. We loved spending time with Braden's family, and were sad that we couldn't just hang out with them the entire week. Good thing we lived close enough that driving there and back wasn't too much of problem. Thanks Mom and Dad for the super fun week!

Beginning of December:

Braden has officially started teaching at Snowbird and is loving it. I am anxiously awaiting tax season. Bring on the tax returns! It's going to be awesome! We are so blessed to both have jobs that we love.

Braden got me my Christmas present early and it had to be good since his was a $600 camera. So I got a Droid since I was due for a new cell phone aways. Lucky Braden got to mooch off my Christmas gift because they had a buy one get one free promotion. That kid gets everything he wants. So now we have matching Droids and we've spent the past two days oooing and ahhing over all the amazing stuff we can do with them. We also finally decorated our fabulous Christmas tree! and decorated our gingerbread house that we bought last year. The icing just needed a little nuking in the microwave.

Here's a picture of our gorgeous Christmas Tree:

I call it the Brittany Tree because all the Christmas ornaments on it are mine from growing up. My mother had a tradition that each year we got a christmas ornament representing something that we were involved in that year. I have cellphone ornaments, a laptop, ice skating, beanie babies, Harry Potter themed, Wicked, and even a luggage ornament (depicting my trip to Europe last year.) Some years I got two ornaments because my mother just couldn't decide. There's also about 6 or 7 on there from my dear friend, Jamie. Part of her Christmas present to me each year was an ornament, so she too is well represented on our tree. We're still looking for the right star to put on the top of it, so it's not quite complete yet.

And here's our slightly ghetto gingerbread house...they definitely don't give you enough candy to decorate it so it looks like the one in the picture on the box!

We're very excited to head California for Christmas this year. It's weird that I haven't been back in 6 months. It'll be a different Christmas this year for my family, but not in bad year. It's the first year that all the siblings have significant others. My brother Scotty got engaged this past week to Kayla Hyatt. It will be a little while before they get married, but we're excited for them nonetheless.

Last weekend I went and saw Savior of the World with my previous roommate, Kamrie. It really helped me realize how unfocused I was on the true meaning of Christmas. Yes, I was excited about getting our tree and decorating it, and lights, and snow, and gifts, and everything that tends to be involved with the Holiday season, but I had forgotten the real reason we celebrate it. The birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ is really what this season is about. It is through him that we can return to live with him and our Heavenly Father after this life is over, and if he had not come to earth, born like any other child, we wouldn't ever be able to make it back. I'm so grateful for him and the sacrifices he has made for not only myself, but everyone on this Earth. I hope that even among our other holiday activities, we never forget what it's really all about. Oh and if you've never seen Savior of the World, I highly recommend you do so. It will truly touch your life.

Well there's a brief synopsis of the past month. I'm betting that my next post will be about Christmas since we leave in 9 days! Tomorrow we're going to Temple Square to enjoy the lights!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

1...2...3 JOBS!

I don't mean to brag here or anything, but my husband is amazing. It's more of a fact than opinion. Braden got a third job this week (keep in mind he is going to school full time as well). Most know he's main job is working at the MTC twice a week from 7 1/2 to 9 1/2 hours at a time. He also recently got hired at Snowbird as a ski instructor which starts in a couple weeks. He'll be working about 12 hours a week. Last week he got hired doing free lance Dutch translation work for an engineering company. The hours on that vary, but he can do it from home in his "free" time (what free time!). Looks like we'll actually have money for Christmas presents this year!

Parents are coming tomorrow for the weekend! We're going to a BYU football game (cross your fingers that they win!) and going out to Tucano's for my dad's birthday which is on Saturday. I won't disclose how old he is, just that he looks much younger than he actually is. I'm way excited to see them.

Halloween was pretty uneventful (Note for all people outside of Utah: Utah celebrates Halloween on Saturday if Halloween falls on a Sunday). Not a single trick or treater. We did go to Snowbird and took the tram up to the top of the mountain again like we had done a few weeks ago with Braden's nephews and niece. It was snowing like crazy at the top! So as we were getting on the tram to go back down, the dude in charge told everyone they had to get off because there was lightning in the area. I had no idea that lightning could occur while it was snowing. So we were stuck on the top of Snowbird for another half hour. It was crazy! Then we went to TGI Friday's for date night/in celebration of Halloween and also because we hadn't come up with costumes for the ward Trunk or Treat.

Looking forward to our first thanksgiving together!